Board of Directors

Since its foundation Etimed Hospital’s focus of mission has been the human health. One of the most important causes of our happiness is undoubtedly our health.

Founded in Etimesgut, Ankara Etimed Hospital is one of the most important hospitals in its region, which leaves its mark in the health sector. Our 11700 m2 indoor area hospital has 141 bed- capacity. We have also 5 operating rooms equipped with the latest technology.  Our operating theaters have skopi devices and advanced microscopes. Patient examinations can be followed from the plasma TV‘s founded in each operating rooms.

Etimed Hospital has a smart building, equipped with modern systems. Heating/ cooling, fire safety and medical gas systems are all controlled from the automation room. Considering each units’ or patient’s specific heat needs manual control of them is also possible. Supported by generators and UPS (uninterrupted power supply) all our systems operate uninterrupted.

Our hospital offers services to our patients in comfortable rooms which have the quality of a 5 star hotel. Our Hospital with its hospital design, esthetic architecture, its infrastructure and technological investments is privileged. Etimed Hospital attaches importance to healthcare services and embraces duty to respond to all requests of the patients with patient relationship services based on patient and patient relatives’ satisfaction. In line with this, we aim to maintain the quality of the trainings we provide to all of our administrative and medical personnel at the highest level. Etimed Hospital with the health care service it offers has made a significant contribution to the economy of its region.

Finally, Etimed Hospital will continue to be innovative to provide you with the best service considering that perfect service require full information and advanced technology equipment.

I wish you all a healthy life. However when you have a health problem I want you to know that Private Etimed Hospital is “Your Hospital”. May you have healthy and happy days.


Mikail GÜÇLÜ
Chairman of the Board