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Ophthalmology (Eye Diseases)


  • Eye-glasses number measurement based on computer- system
  • Measurement of your eyeglasses numbers with automatic foco meter device
  • Measuring eye pressure with non-contact tonometer without touching the eye and glaucoma tracking
  • Determining eye- glasses features with a fully automatic foropter
  • Contact lens examination
  • Retina examinations and follow-ups (diabetes, yellow spot disease)
  • Eyeglass number measurement for babies (plus optix measurement)
  • Retina examination in infants (red reflex test)
  • Pediatric eye diseases and strabismus examination


Phacoemulsification (Seamless cataract surgery)

  • Hydrophilic, hydrophobic, aspheric and intraocular lens alternatives
  • High myopia and hypermetropia translucent lens extraction and intra ocular lens placement
  • Pterjium surgery
  • Strabismus surgeons
  • Glaucoma surgeries
  • Probing lacrimal duct obstruction in infants
  • YAG laser applications – secondary cataract which may develop after a cataract surgery
  • Diabetic Retinopathy which may develop as a result of diabetes treatment with Argon Laser,

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