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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

What is Physiotheraphy?

Physiotherapy (Physical Medicine) is the application of physical agents and techniques such as heat, electrical currents, etc. for the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases.

In our FTR clinic, we treat wide range of patients; from patients with painful waist- painful shoulder to patients with brain damage.

Patients with arthritis, tendinitis, and all kind of acute or chronic pain, work or sports injuries are treated by our physiotherapists.

Serious musculoskeletal problems that cause advanced functional deficits are also treated by our physiotherapists.

Diagnosis and treatment of neck, waist, back, knee and other joint aches

    • Neck and herniated disk treatment
    • Arthritis (joint inflammation)
    • Appropriate physical therapy methods
    • Aching body part injection
    • Diagnosis and treatment of the patients with Inflammatory rheumatism

    Osteoporosis (Bone loss)

    • Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoporosis


    Neurological Rehabilitation

    • Treatment of peripheral nerve diseases and injuries
    • Facial Paralysis (facial palsy) treatment
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Hemiplegia (cerebral palsy) caused by cerebrovascular events
    • Multiple skleroz (MS)
    • Parkinson


    Orthopedic Rehabilitation


    • Rehabilitation of patients with fractured body parts
    • Rehabilitation of joint prosthesis surgical operations
    • Sports injuries
    •  Hand surgery rehabilitation
    • Hip disorders, hip and knee prosthesis rehabilitation
    • Rehabilitation of surgical or non-surgical fractures
    • Rehabilitation of sport injuries
    • Spasticity treatment and rehabilitation
    • Physical therapy and rehabilitation of all other orthopedic disorders
    • Pediatric (pediatric) rehabilitation
    • Dislocations
    • Cerebral palsy (Spastic child)
    • Spinabifida (Discrete spine)
    • Brachialoplex (Nerve bending)


    Geriatric Rehabilitation

    • Nörolojik Rehabilitasyona Yönelik Uzay Kafesi Egzersiz Ünitesi
    • Spacecraft Exercise Unit for Neurological Rehabilitation

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