Human Resources

The main objective of our human resources department is to evaluate our employees in an effective, efficient way, and to insure their happiness. Components such as machines, equipment, energy, corporations can only gain importance and play a crucial role due to the ability of the human resources. Corporations’ existence and competitiveness are based on the qualified human resources they have and their ability to keep them in their hands. This is the reason why employees should not be regarded as cost elements but as resources which should be valued more, be improved and be invested in.

The main objectives of the Human Resources Programs carried out in our corporation are to discover our employees’ qualifications and abilities, to encourage team-work, to train them, to integrate them and to improve their satisfaction.

Etimed Hospitals’ Directorate of Human Resources duties are as follows: 

Personnel selection, organizing trainings, performance assessment, career planning, rewarding,  ensuring adaptation of the corporate culture, increasing their motivation, ensuring their health and safety, protecting their legal rights, providing 24 hour psychological support.


Our HR Policy


Etimed Hospitals Human Resources Policy adopts the principles of

  • selecting the right employee for the right position in line with the corporations’ mission and vision
  • respecting human values of our employees’
  • confidentiality
  • transparency
  • Efficient performance management system
  • Improving the motivation and development of our employees with the help of trainings and career planning
  • Fair salary management
  • Creating sense of belonging among the employees and maintaining this sense.


Job Opportunities


You can access to our available positions on our website or you can also apply directly to our HR Department. If you cannot find a position which matches your qualifications among the available positions, please click on ‘’

Job Openings

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HR Hiring Process


When Etimed Hospital needs new personnel, job advertisements are published on our web site or on the newspapers. You may follow these advertisements and apply for the available positions. All the applications of our candidates, whose cv‘s are available in our candidate pool are evaluated meticulously for appropriate positions. The candidates interview with the directorate of human resources and then candidates who are found as eligible for the position interview with the relevant unit managers. Competency based Interviews are conducted by evaluating candidates’ qualification, their eligibility for the position and their corporate culture compatibility. All the applications are evaluated regarding the principle of confidentiality.

Training Management


Periodically department- based training need of our employees is analyzed and annual trainings are planned accordingly. As part of both planned trainings and trainings organized for urgent needs professional development programs are organized and their results are assessed. All of the trainings are conducted by training coordination and HR department. Our trainings consist of three parts: ‘In- house training, external trainings and orientation.

In-House Trainings

In house trainings are classified as ’’ compulsory and optional trainings ‘’. Compulsory trainings consist of the required trainings according to SKS (quality standards in health), trainings which should be received by the relevant health care workers and orientation.

Optional trainings are composed of the trainings suggested by the directors or employees.

Orientation Trainings


Orientation trainings are the trainings which last for 2 months with the aim of ensuring corporate culture adoption of our new employees, improving their career development.

External Trainings


External trainings can be described as participation in seminars, congresses and certificate programs which will contribute to all our employees’ personal and professional development.

Performance and Career Management


Our employees’ performances are assessed with competency based, concrete and measurable criteria. These assessments are carried out with the aim of evaluating their performances during the year, determining their training needs, career planning and providing data for wage management.

Our aim is to assign our employees to the positions they will be successful, considering their interests and tendencies. For this reason all our employees have the opportunity to be promoted. These processes are supported by the trainings and gained experiences.

We give priority to our employees who have the required qualifications and competence for the vacancies.

Salary Management and Social Facilities


We adopt a salary (wage) system which has the criteria such as job description, education, foreign language competency, professional experience, competencies and level of responsibility. We provide the info on salary accordingly. Our salary system is based on net wages and paid monthly .Our annual paid leave is determined according to the duration of work as stated in the Labor Law. Our employees have the right to compassionate, marriage and maternity leave. We have offer free lunch; dinner and breakfast for our employees working in shifts. Free shuttle bus and lodgement for nurses who joined our team from outside Ankara are the other opportunities our employees may benefit from.

Our employees can benefit from our hospital’s services free of charge. Also their close relatives may benefit from the services we deliver free of charge or at a discount.

Our Hospital has an occupational physician, who works only for our employees when they have health problems.

Internship Opportunities

Etimed Hospital offers internship opportunities for students studying in undergraduate, associate degree and high school in accordance with the quotas for winter and summer semesters in each academic year.