Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

Etimed Hospital adopts ‘’ fulfilling the task of protecting and developing human health in a qualified, modern, scientific way’’ as its most crucial principle.      Our Unit

  • coordinates activities performed within the framework of SKS ( Quality Standards in Health)
  • follows activities intended for intuitional aims and goals
  • manages self- assessment
  • deals with field observations
  • manages safety assessment report processes
  • manages risk management process
  • Manages activities intended for patient and employee satisfaction (such as questionnaire surveys, assessment of survey results, improvement studies on survey results, receiving patient and employee feedbacks).
  • manages the SKS documents
  • manages quality indicators’ processes
  • participates in SKS committees


Safety and Satisfaction Policy

Safety and Satisfaction Policy aims at high level of patient and employee safety and satisfaction.


Service Policy

Etimed Hospital commits itself to investing on an infrastructure which provides qualified healthcare professional, academic staff support, and contemporary examination and treatment services.